Named Pipes in .NET 6 with Tray Icon and Service

There are many examples out there which explains how to build an application with a tray icon and a Windows Service. A few posts describe how to communicate...
19 min read

I Improved old Family VHS Videos using Topaz Video Enhance AI

I’m currently helping my future father-in-law transferring DVDs which contain old family VHS videos to a more portable format which can easily be stored...
2 min read

5 reasons to continue remote work after Covid-19

1. Interacting and contributing remotely Ongoing remote working in the workplace provides opportunities to improve communication and share ideas. This allows you to interact...
1 min read

Get UPN for logged on Azure AD user with C#

This is how you get the User Principal Name (UPN) for the currently logged on Azure AD user on a Windows machine. It works...
28 sec read

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4 ways to monitor Windows Registry Using C#

During the development of Acting Admin, I have been searching for the ultimate way to monitor changes in the Windows Registry with C# code....
4 min read